My Favorite Animes

My Favorite Animes

As a veteran anime watcher, (that’s right I served my time!) I often have this question posed to me: What’s a good anime to watch? Or I just saw: *insert anime* do you know something like it? I then reference my anime log list (yes I have a list). I used to blog about anime, but fiction writing sort of took over. But I figured since I haven’t posted to the blog in a while it might not hurt to share something random/funny about myself.
Anyway trying to narrow down my favorites to just five is like trying to pick a favorite child. But after some careful deliberation (not really that much deliberation I’m just being dramatic, it’s an author’s right after all.) here’s my picks, in descending order:

5. Attack On Titan

This series was actually referred to me by my non-anime loving best friend. She never really got it until attack on Titan. I love this show, it’s gritty it’s dark at times, but light at others. The series is set in a world where the planet has been over run by Titans, these massive human like creatures who eat humans. Humanity has been pushed behind high walls intended to keep them safe from the Titans, until a titan bigger than any other comes and breaks down their walls. If you love some serious action and drama, you’ll love this show.


4. Blood+
I’ve watched this series, read all the manga, and even wrote a few fan fictions for it back in the day. I was obssesed with it for a while. Blood+ takes a new spin on the vampire myth, where the vampires are horrific bat like creatures who can be killed by one girls blood. This series is also dark and beautiful at the same time. Sora’s protector, Haji, was in part inspiration for Noaki in the Dragon Saga series. I want to explain more about this series but I don’t want to ruin it, just go see for yourself.

3. InuYasha
I couldn’t get away without mentioning InuYasha. This series formed my adolescence in a part. I remember watching episodes late at night with my sister, and both of us making jokes over the fact that Kagome and InuYasha just would never, fraking, kiss. But I digress. InuYasha is the story of a girl from modern day Tokyo who falls down a well in a shrine and ends up in fuedal japan. This one is a bit on the lighter side, with plenty of humor, but it has epic battle scenes. It’s an absolute classic!

2. Lovely Complex
There’s some stories that just stick with you. That’s how lovely complex was for me. The story surrounds a too tall girl and too short boy, who form an alliance to help each other find love but end up falling for one another. As someone who grew up awkward, their feelings of awkwardness and fumbling at first love were very relate-able. This is an absolute must see!



1. Ouran High School Host Club
I love this show, manga, everything about it. Whenever someone asks me: What’s your favorite anime. This is always my first choice, hands down. Ouran is about a poor girl whose going to a school for rich kids on a scholarship. Haruhi doesn’t stick to social norms and wears her grandfathers old clothes to school when she cannot afford a uniform and gets mistaken for a boy, and when she breaks a vase in the club room of the infamous host club she’s forced to become a host to pay back the debt of the vase. This series is mostly a parody of anime/manga tropes but the story interwoven into it, just resonated with me. I have probably watched the show and read the manga a hundred times now. I absolutely adore this series.
So there it is, my top five favorite animes. How about you? What are your favorites. Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Danielle Carrington

    1. Inuyasha
    2. Bleach
    3. Naruto
    4. Seven deadly sins
    5. Sao
    6. Black butler

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