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Two blog posts in a week, I know, I’m shocked too. I’ve been wanting to write up some posts just about me in general, cause I am vane? Maybe. Or Maybe I just want to share, or over share. That’s for you to be the judge.

Either way, I may have mentioned a time or two, that I’ve been writing since I was really young. And when I was in high school, I had high aspirations, a thesaurus and a lot of really badly written short stories. But apart from that I read a lot, and I read widely. But during those early writerly years I had my author inspirations who were the ones I wanted to be able to write like, I wanted to tell stories the way they told a story. And even now as I’ve published eight titles as of this blog post, I still think of these as my literay heroes in my genre.
Juliet Marillier: The first that drew me to Marillier’s writing style was the beautiful way she wrote, her words are almost poetic, she evoked colors and scents and sounds that weaved together into this almost tactile tapestry. I would fall into her books and feel like I was swimming in the sea along with a selkie, or drinking from a timble with a fairy. I could go on and on about her works. The one thing, reading her work did to influence me was to make me want to spend more time on description and scenery. Every time a reader tells me they love my descriptions, I get a little giddy because I pride myself on that part of my writing.

If you haven’t read Marillier yet, I highly recommend The Seven Waters Trilogy. The first book is the series, Daughter of the Forest, was my introduction into the romantic fantasy genre and it’s probably the reason I write the type of books I do.
Jacqueline Carey: My best friend first introduced me to Carey as she has with so much of what I read. This author was like my first taste of dark chocolate. Carey’s stories have an edge of sexiness and mystery, and danger. What I fell in love with the first time reading it though, was the complex plot and political intrigue in her Kushiel’s series. I loved the far reaching web and how everything fell together at the end as if I should have seen it all along. It was what inspired me to write the Diviner’s Trilogy.

If you haven’t read Carey yet, I would highly recommend: Kushiel’s Dart. Though if you’re not a fan of sex scenes and darker themes you may want to skip this one.



Anne Bishop: I found Bishop in my twenties and I devoured ALL of her books in a couple weeks. Her books have a slight dark edge without going over too far into extreme themes. Just as they’re sexy without being overly explicit. In my opinion, they ride a perfect edge that I like to strive for in my work. I don’t really like super explicit stories, most of the time, I love that hint of tension and that hint of danger and darkness. That’s what Bishop captures perfectly.
If you haven’t read Bishop yet, I would highly recommend: The Black Jewels Trilogy. It is that perfect mix of political intrigue, romantic passion and a good mystery.


What about you, who are you favorite authors and books? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Daniel Arenson has become one of my favorite authors, his Dragon series being what drew me in. After devouring all the dragon books, I read what others were available by him and was impressed with his writing technique and imagination. In the past, favorite authors have been Anne MacAfree with the Dragonrider series. Anything by her was outstanding. I also love light romance with my fantasy reading, it gives it a little thrill to read. I don’t want down and dirty, but a kiss and close the door is good. It is the bond of the couple that is compelling. If I am looking for a book to read in my library, I can guarantee that the word dragon in the title will win the day.

  2. Thank you for the reading suggestions. I have already read Jacqueline Carey’s books. I have not read either Bishop’s or Marillier’s books. I am still reading your book Priestess and the dragon.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. I have fallen for every author of the Kutherian Gambit! Starting with Michael Anderle , then on to all of the rest of the Kutherian Gambit authors who have built this amazing world!

  4. Sandie Mumford

    I love Julia Mills! I’ve read almost all of her books. Also I just discovered Linda Pogue. What I like most about her books is the sex is implied and it’s more about the story. And the action scenes are detailed and last longer than a minute. I don’t like the action scenes to build and build through the book just to be over in a page or too. And as far as the sex scenes.,.well at the age of 62, been there, done that and forgot most of it. Lol

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