The Year of Doing Less

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I’m coming out from under my rock after living in a holiday haze. With the new puppy and mini-me out on break, I decided to take some time off for reflection and quality time with the family. As I’m writing this its my birthday, and I tend to consider the 7th of January as my personal new year. Which means looking back at my goals for the previous year and hopes for the new year.

I was re-reading my new year’s email from 2021 and it was encouraging to see what I accomplished. Because I’ll be honest coming into a new year without the first book in a new series complete was discouraging. But I did achieve most my goals, baring a few bok related snags.

But honestly, taking more time to write this new series has been very rewarding. I’ve been free to stretch my ability as a writer and the effort has been reaffirming. For a long time I’ve been locked into my old works, books that didn’t reflect who I am as an author currently. Most of my past series were started in 2014 or earlier. As we’re entering 2022 that’s going on eight years of growth. I’ve learned a lot as a storyteller and I feel as if taking my time with this new series really reflects that.

Which leads me to my goals for 2022: do less. And by that I mean, not stop setting unrealstic goals, in the past eight years I’ve never done more than a two or three books in a year, and while I want to say yes to every oppurtunity and idea that crosses my mind I have to start learning to say no more often. This year I want to focus on a few good things rather than flitting from half-baked thought to half baked thought.

And I want to continue taking more time for rest. Too often I’ve brushed against the edge of burnout and I felt it again in those weeks leading up to Mini Me’s Winter Break as I desperately tried to finish Dragon’s Deception. Instead I hit the breaks, hard and I’m glad I did. Diving back into the book again with fresh eyes and without looming deadlines is making the process easier.

That all being said, Dragon’s Deception is slowly wrapping up and soon I’ll be able to share more details with you. But thank you for your patience. In the meantime, I’ve got exciting news Yuki’s audiobook is now live and ready for your listening pleasure.  My narrator Joanna Roddy, knocked it out of the park once again and you can listen for free with an audible subscription here

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