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I went into the month of January with the intention of finishing this dang book. But as has been the theme for the past two years, nothing ever seems to go as planned. You’d think I stop making plans. But alas I am a chronic planner who cannot shake her planning addiction!

Even though I didn’t meet my goal of finishing Dragon’s Deception one thing that did go as I hoped was production of my older books into audio. I was absolutely blown away by my amazing narrators who’ve been working hard to get these books into a new format.

First up we have a COMPLETE audio trilogy narrated by the talented Joanna Roddy Tales of Akatsuki if you’re not familiar is a mash up between western fairytales with Japanese mythology inspiration. All of them can be read in any order as they function as stand alone novels in the same world.

But if you’re in the mood to binge and have an audible credit. You can get the ENTIRE series in this audio collection.

Tales of Akatsuki isn’t the only series getting the audio treatment. I’ve teamed up with the outstanding Mia Hutchinson Shaw to put Thornwood Fae into audio as well. Right now, you can listen to the prequel short story Pricked by Thorns. Mia did an amazing job capturing the spooky gothic vibes in this series. It no joke gave me chills to listen. You don’t want to miss this. Grab your copy of Pricked by Thorns here.

Looking for even more audiobooks of mine? Check out the full list of audiobooks here.

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