A murder mystery, and courtly intrigue that readers say left them guessing until the end. Get this standalone prequel to the Reign of Prophecy series today!

A murder confession was all he left behind. She thought she knew her husband. But everyone has secrets, and some secrets can kill.

Damara had the perfect husband. Ever since the war started, she’d been prepared for this moment: when a messenger arrived to inform her of his death. What she hadn’t expected was his sister, the Queen, to deliver the news. And nothing could have prepared her for the truth: he was a murderer and the king’s spy.

While trying to uncover a plot against the king, he was killed. Before he died, he left evidence behind and put his wife and son in danger. Now it’s up to Damara to expose them before they come for her too. To do so, she must follow the clues her husband left behind and join the secret society he had infiltrated.

The deeper she goes, the more she questions her own alliances. In court where deceit and betrayal are common, no one can be trusted, even family. Torn between the ghost of her husband, and her new role as spy, Damara must find the real killer, before she becomes their next victim.

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