Dragon’s Deception Signed Paperback


Book One in the Moonlight Dragon Trilogy

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How could a fake engagement between royals go wrong? When one of them is secretly a were-dragon.
When corrupt magic killed Princess Liane’s best friend, she swore she’d get revenge. Now she fights to stamp out the smugglers bringing poisonous magic into the capitol. Dedicated to her cause, she’s sworn never to marry until they’re eradicated. But her mother, the Empress, is desperate to see her settled. When Liane discovers a new lead that will eliminate the criminals for good, she’s prepared to risk it all for vengeance. But her mother’s meddling keeps getting in the way. To distract her, Liane needs a fake fiancé…

Running from a past he can’t bear to face, Erich hides his were-dragon curse by avoiding humans. If his secret is revealed, he’ll be executed. After multiple failed attempts to break his curse, Erich risks entering the capitol to seek a miracle healer. Instead, he meets an elf who presents him with an enticing offer: steal the Empress’ enchanted blade for a cure. Erich has one month before his next transformation… but to get close to the royal family, he’ll need a disguise…

After a chance meeting, Liane and Erich’s lives become intertwined. Tangled up in secrets and lies, they agree to a pretend engagement. However, as the lines between pretense and reality blur, Liane’s conviction to never marry wavers. And if Erich’s truth comes out, it won’t be just their hearts and Liane’s trust on the line, but his life. While their motives are in conflict, they need one another more than they realize. And soon they’ll discover their meeting wasn’t mere coincidence, but rather a destiny written in the stars….

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