Priestess and the Dragon Paperback Signed (As-Is)


A lightly damaged signed copy of The Priestess and the Dragon. Not returnable with small cosmetic defects to the spine/ pages.

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This is an AS-IS paperback. There is minor cosmetic damage done to the spine/pages etc.

Exiled to a mountain shrine, Suzume trains to become a priestess serving the god of the mountain. As she toils at the temple, she longs for a life outside. Until she awakens the slumbering god and unmasks the temple’s centuries oldest secret.

The god is a fake. Five hundred years ago, the shrine’s founder sealed a dragon in a stone. And now that he’s free, he wants revenge. To save the world from the dragon’s wrath, Suzume has to kill him.

He spirits her into the unseen world. Kaito is handsome, dangerous, and infuriating. Though she tries to fight it, she is drawn to him. When she uncovers the tangled threads of fate that bind them together, Suzume learns she’s the woman who betrayed him reincarnated. Now she must decide: will she follow her heart or will history repeat itself…

This epic romantic fantasy is sure to please readers who love aching slow burn romance, twists and turns, complex characters and villains you love to hate! Start the adventure today!

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