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The Priestess and the Dragon E-Book


Book one in the Dragon Saga

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An arrogant dragon. A smart mouthed priestess. The fate of the world depends on them working together. We’re doomed. Suzume’s life was perfect. That was until she was exiled. Living in a remote mountain shrine, couldn’t get any worse. At least that’s what she thought before she awakened a dragon. Because when she frees the Dragon, she catches fire. But she doesn’t burn. The Dragon, Kaito, has been trapped for five hundred years. Now he wants revenge. Suzume may not be able to control her new-found ability, just yet, but she’s willing to fake it, if it will get her back home. With new powers come dangerous enemies. Someone wants Suzume dead. Her powers have made her a target. And getting back her old life will not be as easy as she thought. A power-hungry monster is out to destroy the world. And they are the only ones who can stop it. But can they learn to work together before it’s too late?Start the adventure today and watch the sparks fly.


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