Reign Of Prophecy

The last of her house. First of her name. A prophet foretelling the end of days.

Maea is the last member of a house of diviners desperate to reclaim their former glory. After scraping and scheming, she’s earned a powerful position as a lady’s maid and attracted a princely patron. But her plans are upturned when her prophetic dreams foretells a great calamity threatening her kingdom.

With the word of diviner’s mistrusted, Maea sets out to prove her ability and make her fortune. But as she unravels the tangled webs of treasonous plots, she exposes the king’s nephew, Johai’s, secrets. Which once laid bare, shake her convictions and her heart.

Threads of fate tie them together, linked by her forgotten past and her family’s legacy. An ancient evil is rising and only they can stop it. Caught between prophecy and power, love and hate, they must work together if they hope to save her kingdom—and its people.

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The Trilogy

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Maea the last remaining member of a once powerful family of Diranel Diviners. Maea lived on the streets as an orphan until she was adopted by her foster mother Damara who raised her hoping to resurrect the fabled house. They were influential advisors to kings, but after a disastrous scandal they executed as traitors. She’s often plagued by prophetic dreams of which she cannot untangle their meaning and came to court in hopes of discovering herself and her family’s legacy.


Nephew to the king and son of a traitor, Johai has always lived at the fringes of court. Unwanted and unloved he sought power by making a deal with a ancient spirit. But he got more than he bargained for when he made that faithful deal. He’s kept most people at arms length but while plotting to change the succession to the throne, he gets entangled with Maea and his fate is irrevocably changed. 

World & Inspiration

The Diviner’s Trilogy world was my first published series and its world is vaguely European inspired. The heart of both plot and world building elements comes from my early love of sweeping, romantic fantasy novels. Filled with heavy doses of courtly intrigue, princes and princesses, political marriage, and tons of angst. I wanted to evoke the same feelings reading my favorite authors like Juliet Marrilier, Jacqueline Carey and Anne Bishop gave me. 

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