The Dragon Saga

An arrogant dragon. A smart-mouthed priestess. The fate of the world depends on them working together.

Exiled to a mountain shrine, Suzume trains to become a priestess serving the god of the mountain. As she toils at the temple, she longs for a life outside. Until she awakens the slumbering god and unmasks the temple’s centuries oldest secret.

The god is a fake. Five hundred years ago, the shrine’s founder sealed a dragon in a stone. And now that he’s free, he wants revenge. To save the world from the dragon’s wrath, Suzume has to kill him.

He spirits her into the unseen world. Kaito is handsome, dangerous, and infuriating. Though she tries to fight it, she is drawn to him. When she uncovers the tangled threads of fate that bind them together, Suzume learns she’s the woman who betrayed him reincarnated. Now she must decide: will she follow her heart or will history repeat itself…

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Deposed daughter of the emperor, Suzume was sent to live in a temple and trained to be a priestess but accidentally freed a sealed dragon instead. She has an affinity for fire and wields a staff in battle. 


Kaito is the ruler of Akatsuki before he was sealed in stone. He has an affinity for water and ice. And he can transform into a dragon at will. 

World & Inspiration

I grew up watching Sailor Moon and staying up late waiting for InuYasha to come on adult swim. I always wanted to write a story about reincarnation with the sass and banter of InuYasha set in a Japanese inspired world like my favorite animes and mangas. 
Akatsuki is a world heavily inspired by Japanese mythology and folklore. With heavy influences of from my favorite anime and manga tropes. 

When is the final Dragon Saga coming?

I’ll be honest. I can’t tell you when the final book will come. I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.  Dragon Saga is a series I both love and struggle with. It took me years to The Sea Stone and after success of the the boxset I tried to quickly follow up with a The Fractured Soul and unfortunately burned myself out. 

That is not to say I WON’T complete the series. Right now there’s a rough draft of the Immortal Vow sitting on my hard drive waiting to be edited. 

I want to do it justice, and I want to tie together all the threads of the series and I want to enjoy writing it. 

I’m getting closer all the time and when I do decide to release it I will shout it from the roof tops. But until then I hope you understand why I can’t give you a date… yet.