Thornwood Fae

Want to escape through a magic faery portal?

Does plant magic intrigue you?

Craving a bewitching fall read with ghosts, fae, and fog shrouded manors?

 If so, you’ll adore the mysterious, wicked, romantic world of Thornwood Fae. 

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Enter Thornwood Village, a place shrouded in mists and sinister secrets...


Rolling fog blankets the village, and Thornwood abbey which looms over it.

For generations, the Thornton family have been stewards of the manor and its mysteries.

Superstitious villagers shun outsiders and anyone who stumbles upon their village. If you attempt to stay the night at the local inn, the fairy bride, you will find your stay most unpleasant.

God rest your soul should the voices in the mist lead you astray. If you’re careless and end up in Thornwood forest, you may not make it out alive… Because this is the place the locals believe the fae dwell. Wicked and cruel, they do not take a liking to foolish mortals who wander in their land… 


Step through the gateway into the beautiful and wicked realm of Faery...

nvisible to the human eye hides a world both glittering and deadly.

The fae are dying. a fae child hasn’t been born in centuries and magic is fading as poison seeps in through the gateway connecting it to the human realm. Some, like the old Thorn King, seek human brides to save their people. Others use instability to grasp a stranglehold upon the faery kingdoms.

Ancient and fickle, the residents of Faery take what they want.

After the death of the Thorn King, the fae have run wild, causing mischief and chaos in both realms. The only person who can save the realms is the missing half-human thorn princess, heir to the Thorn Crown.

Meet the Characters of Thornwood Fae

Art by Lauren Richelieu


Catherine prefers plants over people and would rather spend hours with her hands in the dirt. Neighbors have often remarked on her knack for growing things. But they couldn’t see the small fae creatures who visited her, and coaxed plants to grow to please her.

She’s learned to ignore the fae, but they never stopped visiting her. The ghosts were worse, whispering sinister secrets in her ears and now all she yearns for is a normal life…


Despite centuries of service to the thorn crown, Ray was cast out of Faery for one careless mistake. Admittedly, one that lost the princess. As a result, the Thorn Court turned their back on him, including his father. Embittered by his plight, he’s spent centuries in the human realm, under assumed names surrounded by humans he can’t bother to remember the names of.

The greatest risk to his life is dying of boredom. That is, until the most peculiar Lady Catherine arrives, catching not just his attention but a dangerous figure from his past. Their interest in Catherine can’t be coincidence, and Ray suspects she’s connected to the missing Thorn princess and his chance to return to Faery.

The fae want Catherine dead. That is, if you believe whispered warnings of a ghost... Which she doesn’t.

Catherine arrives at a fog shrouded countryside manor, determined to put her past behind her. But a bloody ghost shadows her every move, ominously predicting Mr. Thorn will murder her. Convinced they are hallucinations, she ignores them. Then music lures her out into the misty forest, where she discovers a thorn covered door to nowhere, guarded by a handsome stranger, Ray Thorn…

Once a member of the Thorn King’s honor guard, now Ray lives in exile for treason and tasked with protecting the entrance to Faery. After decades in the human realm, faces, names, and years blur together. Until Lady Catherine accidentally summons the Thorn Door and he finds an opportunity to return to Faery…

Though she tries to resist, Ray tempts Catherine into the mesmerizing, deadly world of faery, upturning everything she believed, including how she feels about him. Torn between a desire for a ‘proper life’ and the allure of beautiful, wicked faery, Catherine must choose: will she follow her head or her heart…

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