A fiery priestess. An ice cold dragon. An entangled destiny they cannot escape.

As if being exiled and forced to give up her influential fiancé wasn’t bad enough, Suzume was ordered to marry a rock. The wedding symbolizes her becoming a priestess, serving the God of the Mountain. But as she approaches the altar to make her vows, her latent powers spark to life, destroying the sacred rock and releasing what’s inside, which isn’t a god, but a dragon.

Five hundred years ago, the woman Kaito loved betrayed him & sealed him in stone. Now that he’s free, he wants revenge. Since his ex-lover is dead, he’ll have to settle for her reincarnation, Suzume, but simply killing her isn’t enough. He needs her to suffer.

When Suzume uncovers the tangled threads of fate that bind them together, she resolves to kill Kaito or die trying. That is, if she can resist his charm.

Making Suzume love him was all part of his wicked plan. But the longer he delays destroying her, the stronger the temptation of a fresh start becomes. Can he make peace with his past or will history repeat itself?

Dive into The Dragon Saga a series inspired by Inuyasha and Avatar: the Last Air Bender sure to delight anime, manga, and fantasy fans alike.  

Why These Books?

I cut my teeth as a fan-fiction writer. And while I dabbled in many fandoms, Inuyasha was my favorite. (I was a diehard Koga x Kagome shipper.)  After a few years of writing mostly AU (alternate universe) fan fiction, I started writing and publishing my own novels. I’d always loved the idea of two people tied together by reincarnation & betrayal and started working on a series. As it took shape, I noticed echoes of my favorite series (reincarnation, enemies to lovers, epic quests, found family, monsters and handsome villains). Without meaning to my fan fiction, roots crept into my original fiction. While I admit that the show inspired The Dragon Saga, this isn’t a retelling (no normal modern day girls falling through wells or half dog demons) rather this is own reimagining of similar themes.

Because my inspiration comes from anime, I’ve always wanted to give this series an anime/manga inspired cover. With the success of Tales of Akatsuki campaign, and my return to finishing this much beloved series. I wanted to create something closer to my original vision for this series. Through a very successful Kickstarter I was able to create absolutely stunning special edition hardcovers and this deluxe version will never be available on retailers.

The World of Akatsuki

The Dragon Saga and Tales of Akatsuki are set in the same world & share a cross over of characters. It’s unnessary to read Tales of Akatsuki to understand the Dragon Saga and visa versa. But If you’re looking for the FULL experience you can snag a digital bundle of ALL Akatsuki books (Including the three published Akatsuki novels and the four published Dragon Saga novels) this bundle is not available anywhere else. You can also pre-order one of the limited number of sprayed edge, signed copies of Tales of Akatsuki novels.