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Moonlight Dragon

An epic romantic Fantasy series about a fake courtship between a were-dragon and a vigilante princess. 



Hunter’s Captive

Dragon’s Temptation

Dragon’s Devotion

Dragon Saga

An Epic Fantasy Romance with a smoldering slow burn enemies to lovers, elemental magic & found family inspired by InuYasha and Avatar.

The Priestess and the Dragon

The Sea Stone

The Song of the Wind

The Fractured Soul

The Immortal Vow

Dragon Saga 1-4 Digital box Set

Tales of Akatsuki

Enemies to lovers, arranged marriages, and star-crossed lovers meets anime and fairy tale influences in these three standalone novels.




Tales of Akatsuki Digital Box Set

Thornwood Fae

Escape through a faery portal, explore a gothic mansion, and fall into a bewitching tale of ghosts, wicked fae, and slow burn romance.

Fairy Ring

Pricked by Thorns

Heart of Thorns

Tangled in Thorns

Blood and Thorns

Thornwood Fae Omnibus

Reign of Prophecy

A complete epic trilogy + bonus shorts featuring enemies to lovers, wicked sorcerers, scheming courtiers, and fierce heroines.



Diviner’s Prophecy

Diviner’s Curse

Diviner’s Fate


Diviner’s Trilogy Omnibus

Witch of the Lake

In a struggle between gods, a young witch and the village she protects are caught in the crossfire.

Feast of the Mother

Fate of the Demon

Fall of the Reaper

Witch of the Lake Omnibus