Tangled In Thorns E-Book


Book two in the Thornwood Fae Series!

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The first time Catherine got mixed up with the fae, it cost her dearly. This time they will take it all.
Magic is dangerous no one knows that better than Catherine. She thought she would be content with her garden and a quiet life. But she longs for connection. When she tries to reach out to others, disaster strikes. Creeping vines emerge from Faery choking the gardens of Thornwood, corrupting the minds of those who encounter it and turning them into raving zombies. Among those infected is Catherine’s niece. And her only hope at a cure is Ray.
After the accident, she swore never to speak to Ray again. But with three days until the plant kills, she must put aside her vow to save the village. To stop the spread, they must find the plant’s origin and destroy it. Catherine’s magic can do that if she can learn from Ray. As her magic flourishes beneath his tutelage, so do her feelings, that she’s tried to deny, grow.
Embracing her magic, means luring in the fae and losing a piece of her humanity. Caught like a fly in a web of intrigue, Catherine struggles to find a balance between her desire to be human, the threats that lurk in shadows, and the ancient songs of Faery calling her home…


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