Blood and Thorns E-Book


The thrilling conclusion to the Thornwood series! 

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Calamity comes and a queen will rise amidst blood and thorns. 
After losing her power, Catherine is at last able to accept who she is: half fae and the queen ascending of the Thorn Kingdom. But severing her connection to magic, has had disastrous effects. Thorny, bark-like growths are spreading across her body and if they continue, she will turn into a tree. She must find a way to regain her magic before the bark consumes her.  But when every attempt fails, she makes a terrible bargain with one of the first fae. In exchange for her magic she must give up love.
Ray wants to remain a ghost. He’d been prepared to give his life to save Catherine, but the Twilight Queen had other plans. Because she saved his life, he now he is bound by magic to return the favor and what she wants is Catherine dead. Though he is determined to stay away from her, their fates are too tightly intertwined and he is the only one who can protect her from the dangers of court.  But how can he protect her from danger when he too is the threat?

The Thorn Kingdom is dying without a queen but claim her crown will take more than desire and intention. Catherine must navigate the ruthless dance of Fae politics where friends and allies are few and the dangers are many. Can they overcome the bargains they’ve made to be reunited again or will they give up on love to save a kingdom?


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