Diviner’s Prophecy e-Book

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Book One in the Diviner’s Trilogy

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The last of her house. First of her name. A prophet foretelling the end of days.

Maea is the last member of a house of diviners desperate to reclaim their former glory. After scraping and scheming, she’s earned a powerful position as a lady’s maid and attracted a princely patron. But her plans are upturned when her prophetic dream foretells a great calamity threatening her kingdom.

An ancient evil is rising, and only she can stop it, but with the word of diviners mistrusted, Maea must first set out to prove her ability. All the stands in her way is the handsome, brooding, and infuriating Sorcerer Johai, who is plotting to steal the throne from her patron.

As she tries to unravel the tangled webs of treasonous plots, and her enemy, Johai’s, secrets. She uncovers truths, which once laid bare, shake her convictions and her heart. Threads of fate that bind them may hold the key to saving her kingdom. But can she trust him or will she lose her heart and her head?